Do not worry about tomorrow. This is simple, straightforward teaching, but My followers rarely make it through even one day without breaking this command.It's good that you recognize your inability to live according to this instruction. Your ongoing struggle protects you from self-righteous striving: trying to be good enough to deserve My Love. Nonetheless, I do want to help you with your tendency to worry.

Because your mind is in a fallen condition, it will sometimes wander across the timeline into tomorrow's trouble. However, early intervention minimize the damage. As soon as you realize you're worrying about tomorrow, take action: Simply leave those thoughts where they are(in the unreality of the future), and come quickly back to the present. Since the future has such a strong pull on your mind, it's helpful to direct your thoughts to something that appeals to you in the present an interesting activity, beautiful weather, a dear friend or family member.

At times when nothing about the present day seems appealing, My Presence lovingly awaits your attention. I AM always near, so turning your thoughts to Me is an excellent option at all times.

Come into My Joyous Presence, and I will delight with you unmerited Love.



Verses to go along with devotional

Matthew 6:34

Ephesians 2:4-5

Hebrews 3:1

Psalms 43:4